Our Ministries

Children's Ministry


G7 Ministry offers the youth & unique, energetic environment to encounter God and be empower to reach their generation. Not only to equips children for the future, but empowers their present delivering fundamental truths through energetic music and presentations all focused on God's amazing love. Youth ministry come together and experience God in a setting designed to impact their lives through Ministry. Youth and Children Ministry meets for Sunday services as well as weekly bible studies, discipleship and vision groups, and times of just hanging out and having fun at power hour night on Fridays.

Choir Ministry

G7 Choir Ministry are committed to leading our congregation in inspiring worship as we celebrate who God is and what He has done. Our music Ministry focuses upon glorifying God and exalting Jesus Christ. G7 Thy Presence's School of Faith Ministry Choir leads worship at our Sunday morning service and Tuesday evening services, under the direction of Overseer - Minister Corey. Hollowell. Reflective of our approach to worship, we sing a variety of musical styles and strive for excellence in all that we (Colossians 3:23). More importantly we are a Kingdom Citizen community and our Ministry and rehearsals include a focus on Gods word, prayer and fellowship, so that our times together are spiritually refreshing.
Choir Rehearsal: Thursday, 9:00 PM. Want to join the choir? If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of G7 Ministry, have vocal skill, have a worshipping heart and desire to serve in a dynamic worship team, come join us! Please contact the Overseer of one of the Directors, 916-642-8181

Secretary Ministry


Secretary Ministry is a position of delicate and grave responsibility. They are directly responsible to the church for the care and maintenance of the Ministry directs and authorizes. They must know all possible about care for properties, management of properties and finances, management of staff, contract, negotiations, supplies acquisition and believe. Duties of Secretary:

  • notify Ministry members via email or telephone of meetings
  • keep accurate records of all the meetings
  • mail minutes of previous meeting in advance when possible
  • keep an up to date list of names and addresses of Kingdom Citizens
  • keep an accurate account of any monies belonging to the Ministry that are in the hand Treasurer
  • make a report of receipts and disbursement at monthly meeting
  • be prepared to give a quarterly report of Ministry finance to Senior Pastor.
Treasury Ministry
The Treasury Ministry oversees G7 Thy Presence's School of Faith Ministry investments and endowments. They have the task of supporting the financial position of the Ministry, managing the annual pledge and contributions campaign.

Intercessory Ministry
Intercessory Ministry continues to evolve. It is our goal to take prayerful and appropriate care

Organizing Ministry

G7 Organizing Ministry meets once a month to plan events and activities which serve to strengthen our bonds together as unity within the family of Christ. Fellowship activities are one of the ways that we welcome newcomers and integrate them into the body of Christ.
In a typical year our fellowship activities include events as diverse as Youth Ministry visit to six flags California, Sunday Night Fellowship, Summer picnic and variety of sports followed by a barbecue. An Annual General Conference is held in October as well as a variety of covered dish suppers during the year, often to commemorate Pastor appreciation Sundays and birthdays in the Ministry Calendar. The Modesto Location also takes responsibility for organizing the coffee hour and refreshment after each of the Sunday Evening Services. Coffee hour provides an excellent opportunity for encouraging one another in the Word, witnessing and meeting new people.